QC Technician (Raw Materials)

  • Last Updated on June 5, 2024

Job Description


Responsible for quality control and assurance testing of compounding raw materials, in-process and final products while keeping good documentation, facilities, and equipment.

Job Responsibilities

  • Perform sampling of materials for analysis based on work order and ensure proper record and storage of the samples.
  • Perform equipment daily checklist, inspection, and calibration; inform superior if found abnormalities.
  • Conduct a variety of laboratory testing and analysis based on schedule and able to meet dateline.
  • Able to understand standard operating procedure (SOP) and follow lab testing methods to obtain accurate and reliable results.
  • Manage indirect chemicals and department related inventory; follow the instruction and provide feedback to direct superior when needed.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the condition of laboratory equipment and glassware after conducting laboratory testing.
  • Understand the chemicals properties and handling based on safety data sheet (SDS); report to superior if accident happens.
  • Up-date and ensure the accuracy of data while keeping good documentation and prepare details analysis report.
  • Ensure compliance of GMP, safety protocols, company policies and customer’s requirement in workplace.
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by immediate superior.


1. Education level: Minimum Diploma in Science or Engineering.

2. Year Experience: Entry-level

3. Capability: Good in analytical and problem-solving skills Comfortable to work with chemicals and have knowledge of safety protocols and procedures.

4. Skills: – Familiar with testing operation and equipment

               – Good communication and time management

               – Good math’s and measurement skills

5. Language: Bahasa is a must and basic English will be an added advantage.

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