• Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Job Description


The role involves daily transportation, including driving expatriates and performing company errands. Responsibilities include vehicle maintenance, record-keeping, compliance with rules and regulations, and general upkeep. Assistance with additional tasks assigned by the company is also part of the role.

Job Responsibilities

  • Commute from Penang to Kulim, Kedah on a daily basis.
  • Drive expatriates, designated individuals or as requested by Supervisor.
  • Ensure timely daily pick-up and drop-off from residence to office and any other instructed locations.
  • Perform tasks such as picking up/delivering items and running errands for the company as directed.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information and ensure the personal safety and security of passengers and the vehicle.
  • Perform daily, pre and post-trip company vehicle inspections and ensure that the company vehicles are maintained in excellent condition and clean.
  • Monitor and keep track of routine check-ups and maintenance, ensure timely renewal of road tax, insurance, car stickers and toll cards
  • Keep a schedule/record for car maintenance and petrol consumption.
  • Immediately report any vehicle problems or defects for prompt rectification.
  • Ensure all necessary documents (vehicle and license) are in place while driving.
  • Strictly observe the company’s rules, regulations, policies, and directives.
  • Adhere to traffic rules, regulations, and maximum speed limits set by the Road Transport Department.
  • Assist with any tasks assigned by the company as needed.


  1. Education level: Possess at least SPM.
  2. Must have a valid driving license and clean driving record.
  3. Year Experience: At least 3 years of working experience as a Company or Personal Driver
  4. Willing to work overtime, weekends, and public holidays as required.
  5. Capabilities: Familiarity with routes and traffic conditions in Penang & Kulim, Kedah.
  6. Skills: High discipline, punctuality, neat and smart appearance, customer friendly and intellectual individual with the desire to exceed.
  7. Language: English, and Bahasa Malaysia.

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