Facility Engineer

  • Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Job Description


Take charge on start-up, commissioning, validation of facility equipment/process mostly for air compressor sys-tem, boilers, bag filter and production related facilities. Ensuring uninterrupted production and optimal efficiency. Monitor equipment performance, conduct routine maintenance, and troubleshoot issues promptly. Compliance with safety regulations and meticulous record-keeping are crucial aspects of this role. Strong focus on safety, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Job Responsibilities

  • Take charge of air compressor system, boilers, bag filter and production related facilities to meet Quality Requirement, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Legal/Authority Requirement and Customer Audit Requirement.
  • To ensure APCS (Air Pollution Control System) operations is complying with DOE and factory requirement, and final discharge meet standard stipulated by DOE.
  • To liaise with DOE/DOSH for licensing, compliance issue and new requirement update.
  • Prepare monthly performance monitoring report as management and DOE required.
  • Perform purchase order for daily consumption chemical to ensure smooth operation.
  • Establish, develop and implementation of Control Plan (CP), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP) and Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Create/update relevant method of statement, procedures, work instructions and checklists by following approval loop in Documents Management System.
  • Perform Training Needs Analysis (TNA), plan and execute effective team’s personnel competency development, soft skills, hand-on skills and leadership training.
  • Responsible and accountable in compliance of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy/ requirement during execution of activities/tasks with inclusive on assigned role of responsibility for self, peers, external contractor, and workplaces.
  • Taking leading role for any other cross-functional, cross-system, cross-section and cross-department activities/tasks/duties upon assigned by the supervisor/superior.
  • Any other duties which may assigned by superior.


  1. Education level: Degree in Chemistry or Engineering and above. Possessing CePBFO (bag filter) competency.
  2. Year Experience: At least 5-year(s) experience in facilities field, project management and plant start-up.
  3. Capability: Possess good discipline and attitude. Possess good communication skills.
  4. Skills: Effective problem-solving, analytical abilities, attention to details, able to work in a team environment.

Language: English and Malay, Japanese and others will be an advantage.

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