HR Officer (C&B)

  • Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Job Description


Responsible for all aspects of human resource management which included Employee Benefits Administration, compensation, and any other related matters.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Process payroll in a timely and accurate manner and follow up on staff queries in relation to payroll matters.
  2. To manage human resource policies and SOP to make sure that they are legislatively compliant and reflective of current best practice, provide employee sufficient information about human resources policies
  3. System Administrator for HRMS (Inspire X70)
  4. Monitor, update and administer staff leaves, claims, medicals expenses and attendance records for month-end payroll processing.
  5. Perform checking on worker’s attendance and OT records.
  6. Update payroll records on new hire, resignation and transfers
  7. Liaise with government authorities (KWSP, PERKESO, LHDN & HRDF) with regards to monthly statutory contributions and submission, update information require by legal entity.
  8. Create /update & key in new employee records in the HR system.
  9. Prepare HR related letter (Eg: Confirmation Letter, Employment Verification Letter etc) and update in the HR system.
  10. To ensure proper filing and safe keeping of all HR related documentations.
  11. Assist in preparing Performance Appraisal Evaluation to all staffs.
  12. Prepare Annual EA Form and report to LHDN for Borang E.
  13. Update employee benefit insurance status to insurer.
  14. Prepare HR Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly reports.


  1. Education level: Bachelor’s degree in human resources management, Business Administration or any related field
  2. Year Experience: at least 3 years experiences in related field
  3. Capability: Proactive, able to improve self and job. Problem solving and able to give effective solutions.
  4. Skills :
    • a) Computer Literate
    • b) Good knowledge in processing monthly payroll, statutory payment and Employment Act 1955
  5. Language : English , and Bahasa Malaysia

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